About the Timberland Owners Club

The Timberland Owners Club was started by a group of owners wishing to share their experiences of owning and using their Timberlands.

The objectives of the club as stated in the constitution are:-

1 To encourage friendship and collaboration between Timberland Motorhome owners.

2 To encourage collaboration between Timberland Motorhome Owners and Timberland Motorhomes Ltd.

3 To provide a newsletter with information to Members on all aspects of interest and ownership.

4 To organise rallies.

Since the club started in May 2006 we have had many rallies of between 10 to 20 vans, and have a quarterly newsletter available online or by post, as well as a forum on yahoo! groups.

So far the club has started with and maintained a style which is positive, friendly and easy going.

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